Back Braces

If you've been experiencing back pain, back braces are one of the most effective treatment options. At Main Street Chiropractic, we have been sharing the benefits of back braces with residents of Pooler, Savannah, Bluffton, and Hilton Head Island, SC for many years. If you have been suffering from back pain that doesn't seem to go away, visit us today and let our chiropractor determine if a back brace is the right choice to treat your back pain.


What are Back Braces?

Back braces fall under the category of postural support. This means that they help you maintain better posture throughout the day. As we age, our muscles and joints aren't as flexible as they once were. That's why older people tend to have hunched backs from practicing poor posture for so long. Back braces are also a great way for younger people to maintain proper posture and prevent these issues from developing in the first place.

Do Back Braces Actually Work?

Yes. Many chiropractic care experts think that back braces are even more effective than other treatment options including pain medication and injections. We have seen many patients come into our office with back sprains because their jobs required them to stay in one position for long periods. By using a back brace, they were able to overcome the problem quickly and effectively.

How Do They Work?

Back braces work by putting pressure on your abdomen and lower back. This makes you sit or stand straighter. You may have to adjust the straps to find the most comfortable and beneficial position. It's also important not lean forward when wearing this for an extended period of time to avoid causing more damage. That being said, be sure that you are always sitting up straight when wearing these types of braces.

When Do I Need a Back Brace?

You should try a back brace when you have back pain or have experienced any type of injury to your muscles, ligaments, or joints. This includes sprains and pain that is not going away with regular treatments. In some cases, back braces are also prescribed as a way of treating chronic conditions such as Osteoporosis. The brace helps patients maintain good posture so the patient’s bones do not collapse. Back braces may also be used after surgery to ensure faster recovery and reduce the chances of re-injury.

Who Can Use a Back Brace?

Back braces are an effective treatment option for most people. If you have back pain, one of these can make sure that you maintain a good posture while sitting and standing. When you first visit our office, our chiropractor will evaluate your musculoskeletal system to determine the ways in which wearing a back brace will benefit you.

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